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The To-Do List

Usually I review diary entries from the last month to write this blog. I did that for June and it looked pretty boring. I also usually have a theme and had been thinking about “recycling” as the theme. That sounded like it could easily end up as another pedantic rant on sustainability from an old… (read more)

Buds, Birds and Bugs

Spring finally came in a flash. The same day that I took the bird feeder down since there are plenty of bugs for the chickadees and other local birds the hummingbirds came back and wanted their feeder put up. Instead of building a morning fire to warm up the house we are charging the electric… (read more)

Turning Point

Sometimes big changes sneak up on you and have happened before you know it. September was one of those times. Actually on August 30th when I picked and bought my first load of grapes from a vineyard other than my own, a change had begun. Those grapes mark a turning point from just being backyard… (read more)

Nets Up!

This is the time of year when I am typically at war with the birds, mostly warblers. Once they get a taste of the grapes, it is very difficult to keep them away from them. I have tried flashy objects and a plastic owl with little effect. Other vineyard owners have used scary noises like… (read more)

2016 Grape Plants

The 2016 Grape plants are ready to plant.  You can download the new catalog and see what we have.  It is designed to print on both sides of three pieces of paper but will print on one side if that is easier for you. You can pick up plants here at the vineyard or this… (read more)

Wine 2015

So much has happened and is happening with the winery that it is hard to know where to start. I’m scheduled to give a talk on growing grapes organically at the Tilth Conference in Spokane this November.  So I think about that while I am out picking grapes or some other task in the vineyard… (read more)