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Memories (<-link to song) May be beautiful and yet What’s too painful to remember We simply choose to forget So it’s the laughter We will remember Whenever we remember The way we were Not to get all nostalgia on you, but the theme that seems to tie this month’s string of days together is memories. Perhaps… (read more)

New Facebook Page

We have a new Facebook Business page: with pictures and more recent events.  One of these events was the sponsor’s dinner at Lovitt Restaurant that is closing it’s Colville Valley location and looking for a spot in a bigger Washington city, perhaps somewhere near you.

M is for May

This blog is brought to you by the letter M. M is for mushrooms, mainly Morel mushrooms. We have taken 6 mushroom expeditions, mostly in May and most were more successful than the one before. Picking morels is a lot like playing hooky. We have lots of gardening and I have lots of maps to… (read more)

Emergent Spring Response

The title pun compares the burst of farming activity this April to emergency services. Actually there was a bit of both this last month and an inordinate amount of photos to go with each meaning. So sorry folks, this is a long blog to slog through. We have only had a few fires in the… (read more)

Show Time

It’s a rare rainy day this Spring and I am jamming on a blog hopefully before we go on our own Magical Mystery Tour. March has come and gone in a blur mostly due to preparing for and attending two big shows, the annual Panorama Gem and Mineral Club Rock and Gem show and the… (read more)

Vampire Rated

Technically it is not yet spring. But Spring is breaking out all over anyway. Early in February we got a couple inches of snow but not enough to call in a snow plow to clear the driveway. I did call up the plow guy on February 10th to clear a path through frozen snow to… (read more)

The Blue Light Special

A big question going into the winter was “Will we get enough snow?” El Nino jumped on that one and we have plenty of snow. My new barometer has been shifting up and down as systems move in and out building up over a foot of snow early in the month, with much more than… (read more)

Visitors – It’s all Relative(s)

Winter has set in with definitive cold and frozen ground. Temperatures are in the 20s and the snow now predicted in a couple days may stay for months. But I am just now getting around to writing about some good times we had with family this year. It’s not like we don’t see a lot… (read more)

Building a Carboy Dryer

After you have washed out a carboy that was used for holding wine, it is still wet inside. Wet carboys are a magnet for unwanted microbes. Some people are alright with leaving some bisulfite solution in the bottle during storage. I am not. I don’t use sulfites. So I prefer to have the carboy completely… (read more)

Wine 2015

So much has happened and is happening with the winery that it is hard to know where to start. I’m scheduled to give a talk on growing grapes organically at the Tilth Conference in Spokane this November.  So I think about that while I am out picking grapes or some other task in the vineyard… (read more)