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2023 Grape Plants

We will bring plants to the Farmers Market in Colville. But if you want some there are still nice plants in our vineyard. If you want to visit, please call first, 509-680-6357.

Here is a link to the 2023 grape catalog.

2 Responses to 2023 Grape Plants

  1. I am very interested in buying two Baco Noir plants. I live in Elkton Oregon. I hear this variety does well in our climate and soil type. This is for my private garden. Colville is a fair distance from here. Google says 10 hours each way. I doubt I can make it to your Farmer Market. I have not had much luck finding this plant any closer so far this year. Is it possible for you to ship plants?

    • Hi Ron:

      These plants are currently in pots. I would need to ship via US Mail or UPS as bare root. I have done that before successfully (although I hate it because the potting mixture that I make already has the mycorrhizal fungi growing in it. Also there were sub-zero temperatures here not long ago. These plants are good to 20 below but exposed in pots, it is trickier. I like to wait until they show signs of life, which again makes shipping riskier. I will print out this order and keep it in mind.

      The snow is gone. I am pruning and starting cuttings. I might also be able to ship those. Hang in there. We will figure this out. Baco is very Gung Ho.


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