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Plant Inventory 2023

For descriptions of these plants, go to our plant catalog .

Oftentimes plants will go into Fall with leaves but come Spring, they look marginal. I don’t want to sell plants that are not definitely alive, so there may be more of some types in a month or two. For now, this is what the inventory looks like. I try to update this page after sales but it is not always correct.

Inventory of Plants  Before Sales
Monukka 19
Frontenac 28
Riesling 26
Baco Noir30
Sirah 16
Millot 19
Siegerrebe 15
Fredonia 3
Foch 21
Red Flame 5
Niagara 2
Cab Franc 6
Pinot Noir6
Muscat 12
Madeline Sylvanner 5

Big pots (2 gallons) cost $10 each. Small pots (1 gallon) cost $7 each. We mix our own potting soil. It usually has both worms and weeds. There are a lot of worms this year. Most pots are like a mini-wormfarm. I can go on about that and how to trellis and care for grapes. That is best done here with lots of plants to look at. Pre-ordering and making an appointment seem like the best strategy right now.