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Seed Savers

…What I came to say was Teach the children about the cycles. The Life Cycles. All the other cycles, That’s what it’s all about, and it’s all forgot. — Gary Snyder, “For/From Lew” Today is the Equinox.  By the time this magazine is ready, Easter will be over. The Full moon will be passed.  Earth’s… (read more)

Indian Hemp

I became more intensely interested in Indian Hemp after hearing Bill Layman talk about how strong it is during a presentation on the fishery at Kettle Falls.  The J-traps that hung in the falls to catch salmon could hold 250 fish, many weighing 50 pounds each.  That’s 6 tons of fish. Add several strong men… (read more)

Likin’ Lichen

Wolf Lichen Sometimes my wife, Cheryl, kids me about staring at the ground.  Admittedly I do that often.  Until a recent snowfall, we were experiencing an open winter.  There was no snow on the ground but lots of other things were visible.  One of the most prominent that caught my attention was a particular kind… (read more)