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Archive for March 2020

Mother Trees

It all started with an account I was reading about a naturalist whose main job was taking care of displaced orangutans near Borneo.  He became curious about small trees that were thriving around a large tree of the same species that was dying.  He wondered if they were related and also why something that was… (read more)

2020 Grape Plants

Grape Plant Inventory 2020 These are current as of 4/21/20 Baco Noir 30 Cabernet Franc 1 Canadice 10 Concord 5 Fedonia 8 Foch 25 Frontenac 5 Gewurztraminer 1 Himrod 9 Lucie Kuhlmann 20 Millot 14 Niagra 1 Pino Noir 1 Riesling 11 Siegerrebe 6 This is my inventory of two year old grape plants. I… (read more)