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Yes this is a website about our vineyard and we do sell wine from it. Typically the shipping charges cost as much as the wine, so we sell most of our wine directly from the winery, at the Northeast Washington Farmers Market, or through local stores: Meyers Falls Market, Ferry County Co-op and Colville Liquor and Wine. We also sell biochar and have another business, Map Metrics, that sells map books of Northeast Washington.

More important than wine for this website is that it displays blog posts about regenerative agriculture and personal posts about our life here. The latest is on top and a topic index is on the left site of the page. A printed compilation of articles, Nurturing Abundance, is also available from this website.

Silent Fall

When a pendulum swings it pauses at either end and quickly passes through the middle. August is the middle. Things are changing quickly. We have gone from some of the hottest summer days on record to days of giant swings between the high and low temperatures. That part of our weather is actually good for… (read more)

2016 Grape Plants

The 2016 Grape plants are ready to plant.  You can download the new catalog and see what we have.  It is designed to print on both sides of three pieces of paper but will print on one side if that is easier for you. You can pick up plants here at the vineyard or this… (read more)

A wine tasting review

Last Sunday (11/15/15) we tasted wine with local sommelier and cultural anthropologist, Danica Romeyn, and her husband Matt. Danica and Matt brought some fruits, cheeses, salami and crackers for pairings. Cheryl and I brought out 6 of the wines that we are now selling. This was a lot of fun and very educational. Danica brought… (read more)

New Varieties in Stock

Our first few months in business have been very successful. So much so that we were running low on some of our more popular varieties of wine. In the past few weeks we have managed to bottle more wine and now offer it to the public. The new varieties are: Lucie Kulhmann, 2013: This has… (read more)

Wine Selection Fall 2014

  Wine Inventory  Baco-Millot 2011This is a hearty red wine and the driest of the selection. Aging 3 years has mellowed it out. It is good with beef, lamb, elk and any other red meat.  French Rocks Red 2011This wine is a bit sweeter than most and is also sparkling, which can be an issue…. (read more)