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Sipin Cider

Sippin’ Cider After a brief dip down to overnight lows in the teens and twenties, the weather has been mild for a couple of weeks.  (Of course, that is changing rapidly as I start to write about it.)  The beauty of having high temperatures near 40º is that the whole outdoors is the same temperature… (read more)

A Tale of Two Kitties

Lots of things happened in the world in December and January.  But around here it was mostly about the cats.  We already had a wonderful little gray cat, Gray-C.  She was inside when on December 8th we all heard a cat meowing at the front door.  Cheryl went out to check it out and the… (read more)

All the leaves are brown

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray… (California Dreamin, the Mamas and the Papas) Four days after Halloween daylight savings time ends. It gets dark around 4 PM. On the bright side there is daylight at 7 AM. What really closes in is the realization that although winter might not be officially… (read more)

Special Wines

One of the advantages of growing a winery out of a backyard vineyard is that you tend to have a variety of plants and wines. The disadvantage of course is that you may not have a tremendous amount of any one wine. These past few years neighbors have stepped in to add to both the… (read more)

Pears vs People

Is drying pears more important than sharing stories with people? Not exactly a fair question most would agree, but one I have been wrestling with since pears from our tree are ripening quickly and will soon be rotting if we don’t get them dried or preserved. So getting time to sit down and write my… (read more)