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With Biochar added to your soil:

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▪  Soil carbon increases between 32-33% and lasts for

hundred of years.

▪ Biochar enhances nutrient retention in the soil:

nitrate nitrogen + 45-54%,

organic N + 48-110%,

inorganic phosphorous + 29%.

▪ Biochar increases nutrient density of plants: an increase

in Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc.

▪ Moisture retention increases 10-25%.

▪ Biological enzymes increase by 24-28%.

▪ Vegetable productivity increases by an average of 28.6%

▪ Legume crops, such as peas, beans, and vetch, increase

productivity by an average of 30.3%.1

▪ Reduces soil off-gassing of greenhouse gases by 80%

▪ All biochar is inoculated with aerated compost tea