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Visitors – It’s all Relative(s)

Winter has set in with definitive cold and frozen ground. Temperatures are in the 20s and the snow now predicted in a couple days may stay for months. But I am just now getting around to writing about some good times we had with family this year. It’s not like we don’t see a lot… (read more)

Building a Carboy Dryer

After you have washed out a carboy that was used for holding wine, it is still wet inside. Wet carboys are a magnet for unwanted microbes. Some people are alright with leaving some bisulfite solution in the bottle during storage. I am not. I don’t use sulfites. So I prefer to have the carboy completely… (read more)

A wine tasting review

Last Sunday (11/15/15) we tasted wine with local sommelier and cultural anthropologist, Danica Romeyn, and her husband Matt. Danica and Matt brought some fruits, cheeses, salami and crackers for pairings. Cheryl and I brought out 6 of the wines that we are now selling. This was a lot of fun and very educational. Danica brought… (read more)