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Soil Testing

Our vineyard went from a backyard hobby to a major enterprise in 2004 when I had some logging done to make a sunnier space for more grape plants. I had some soil testing done soon after that but didn’t worry about fertility.  After almost 20 years of dithering about getting some baseline numbers and setting… (read more)

No Spring

No Spring We had thunder and lightning here all night.  It is back again now.  So, I have time to write something and not get soaking wet working in the vineyard.  I was ready to write this family blog update almost 3 weeks ago and am just getting to it.  That is the kind of… (read more)

Bigtime Biochar

I was minding my own business reading email when a document came in from my brother-in-law, Roger, who as I do here, also makes and sells biochar on San Juan Island.  It announced that a big company, Myno Carbon, won the 2023 Giuliani Clean Energy Entrepreneur Award and was going to build a carbon removal… (read more)

Past Lives of Concrete

Ever since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria on February 6th we have seen a lot of pictures of collapsed concrete buildings.  You might get the idea that concrete is a heavy and dangerous building material that it would be wise to avoid.  That is much more easily said than done.    Every year,… (read more)

Critical Stuff Theory

The new year begins and along with it comes the usual spate of information on how to lose weight, how to do your taxes and how to clean out all the stuff that is in your house.  Driving to Spokane I notice a lot more huge apartment buildings and a lot of big houses built… (read more)

Freeze Sweetening

Almost everyone likes sweet things, often to our detriment.  Nevertheless sugars are an important source of energy for people, animals and microbes.  In the wine-making business, the sugar content of grapes is key to whether a wine will be dry or sweet, also to how well it will keep.  The brix scale is a standard… (read more)