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The Winter of Our Discontent

Roof Glacier

In John Steinbeck’s last novel. The Winter of Our Discontent, titled from a line in Shakespeare’s play, Richard III, the protagonist, Ethan Allen Hawley, turns in the Italian owner of the grocery store where he works to immigration so he can take over the business. More greed and deceit follows. Not a direct correlation to the situation we find ourselves in, but it is winter and there is discontent.

So it has been a very white and very cold winter so far. We have the equivalent of small glaciers sliding off our roofs and vehicles. The snow has frozen on top making it easier for people and dogs to walk and harder for deer to escape. We have already had our driveway plowed many more times than all of last winter.  More pictures in Deep Snow

Inside I have been working to update my Stevens County map book. That update is now complete and the 2017 edition is in stock. There have also been a lot of reports and taxes to work on. Cheryl and I both have new Moto G4 smart phones, that are actually smarter than us now. They do a lot of great stuff but it does not come easy. I finally got mine to connect to a projector using it’s own hot spot so I can demonstrate GPS maps. But there were a lot of failures along the way.

Lets face it though, on January 20th we got a new president, who immediately lied about how many people came to the inaguration and the next day millions of women protested against everything he is trying to do. We are at a historic juncture and there is a lot to think, write, talk about and work on.

So if you are reading this to find out about our winery and your eyes glaze over when I say the next part is a mixture of history, philosopy and politics, read no further. If you are still reading, click on Save the Stories to see what I have to say.

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