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Plant Inventory

I counted up the potted grape plants today.

These grapes are now for sale.  Big Plants 8$-12$. Small ones $4-6$.

These grapes are now for sale. Big Plants 8$-12$.
Small ones $4-6$.

4 Responses to Plant Inventory

  1. Dear Mr. Barreca,

    I am inquiring if you have any dormant canes for sale, particularily the Baco Noir. I wish to start a personal vineyard just north of you for future home made wine. I would require around 150 dormant canes if possible. Would this be a problem? I have yet to research the other varieties you have as I am not too familiar with northern climate grapes but may consider them also. I have a few acres of land doing nothing… 🙂

    Thank you,

    Danial Koochin

    • Danial: Good to hear of others interested in growing grapes. Come on by when you can and I am sure we can get you started.

  2. O. K. so, how do I purchase wine from you guys?

    • John:

      I am able to ship wine in units of 3 or 6 bottles at a time. Costs vary by distance. It is best to call, 598-738-6155 or email:


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