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New Varieties in Stock

Our first few months in business have been very successful. So much so that we were running low on some of our more popular varieties of wine.

In the past few weeks we have managed to bottle more wine and now offer it to the public. The new varieties are:

  • Lucie Kulhmann, 2013: This has been our most popular wine. It is a medium red wine with a mellow fruit flavor.
  • Marechal Foch, 2012: Finally this wine is ready to drink. A touch of oak was added last year and touched off a new round of fermentation. Now that has passed and it is still. The oak is not very noticeable except that it takes some of the bite off the original taste of the wine.
  • Golden Globe, 2013: This white wine is built on an Okanogan Riesling base. It is crisp and clear, ready to drink now with light foods or to age for later.
  • Baco Millot, 2013: This popular combination that includes some Pinot Noir sold out for 2011. It is our darkest red wine and appeals immediately to most tasters. 2012 is also nearly stopped.
  • French Rocks Red, 2013: This is a blend of Marechal Foch and Lucie Kuhlmann. We were down to our last few bottles from 2011, so it is great to have it back.

Winter tastings are only available by appointment. Call 509-738-6155 to reserve a tasting time.

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