Barreca Vineyards

Barreca Vineyards

From Vine to Wine since 1986


Most of the posts on this site are about making pure wine and improving the soil. But this is a commercial website. So by way of shameless self promotion. Here are some quotes about our wine:
We sure enjoy your wine. It is the Best!!!Joe Greco
That bottle didn’t last through the night.” Daniel Kurpis
I don’t even drink red wine and I loved your Baco Noir.” Linda Coleman
I was here a couple weeks ago and bought a bottle of Lucie Kuhlmann. It was fabulous.” Linda Lewis

Lucie Kuhlmann – a light red semi-sweet award-winning dinner wine
Okanogan Riesling – a drier clean white wine
Leon Millot – a sweeter red wine, Grand Champion at NE Wash. Fair
Baco Noir – Our driest wine, very popular, distinct berry flavor
Siegerrebe – A crisp white wine, limited supply
Muscat – a semi-sweet white wine with hints of citrus
Gewurztraminer – A must-try white wine , limited supply
Apple Wine – made without adding sugar by concentrating the juice
Huckleberry – wonderful wild berry flavor, limited supply
Elderberry – a perfect contrast between strong berry and apple flavors.
Maréchal Foch – a deep red full-bodied wine, great with red meat
French Rocks Red – our house blend of red wines

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