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The Polar Roller Coaster

November is an odd month to be writing a blog. It is hard-pressed by December for any airtime. Even before Thanksgiving, the Christmas media barrage was in full swing. As if that was not enough, Christmas weather started early and is still going. Last year it was the “Polar Vortex”, this year the news called… (read more)

The Weight-The Wait

So, three months without a blog… I have not really gone into hiding even if it seems like that. Just as August got under way, I was installing a dead bolt on the 6 inch thick cellar door and sprung something loose in my back. My trusty chiropractor got it working again after a couple… (read more)

Wine Selection Fall 2014

  Wine Inventory  Baco-Millot 2011This is a hearty red wine and the driest of the selection. Aging 3 years has mellowed it out. It is good with beef, lamb, elk and any other red meat.  French Rocks Red 2011This wine is a bit sweeter than most and is also sparkling, which can be an issue…. (read more)


You can see why I traced the branches in these pictures. They are hard to visualize as full images. There are several things to notice. The pole is not straight and is made of bamboo.  I have gone to using rebar lately because it does not rot off like this.  It is important to keep… (read more)